Talking points to frame EVA meetings

Greg Nagel opens June 7 membership meeting with guidelines for respectful speech. 
Board Meeting Minutes for June 14, 2010
Submitted by Dana Palmer

Attendance: Greg Nagel, Neal McKnight, Nicole Semple, Dana Palmer, Scott Rappe, Aaron Bilton, Tom Tomek and Stephen Rynkiewicz. Meeting commenced at 6:40 p.m.

  1. Respect Bylaw Amendment Alternatives: It was agreed by the board that the president will open each membership meeting with an opening statement regarding respect and will introduce the board members. Majorie Isaacson drafted a statement regarding respect that the president will use as an outline to the opening statement of each meeting:
    1. Welcome everyone, thanks to all for coming and special welcome to new attendees.

    2. Suggest that if people are newcomers, they are encouraged to introduce themselves to any of the Board members after the meeting. (This because some people are shy about speaking in public, and point people to the whole board so if one person is busy talking after the meeing, they can go to someone else.)

    3. Announce this is the monthly general meeting of our local community group, where we meet to learn and talk about issues relevant to our neighborhood.

    4. Note that we think it's very important to hear people's opinions on the subjects we are talking about.

    5. Remind people that during these kinds of exchanges differences of opinion may occur (and perhaps that the more controversial the subject the more likely this is).

    6. So, while we hope people will contribute to the conversation, it must be done in a respectful manner.

    7. If commentary becomes out of line, it will be stopped by the person presiding over the meeting.

    8. We are serious about maintaing a respectful enviornment, and thank everyone in advance for helping make that happen.

    Isaacson will also draft a brief statement regarding respect and what it means to EVA for the website and newsletter.

  2. EVA Signs: Scott Rappe made a map of East Village and mapped out where each board member will place signs prior to each membership meeting.

  3. Trees on Augusta: Neal McKnight will set up a date to do measuring of Augusta to find out what options are available to add more foliage to the street.

  4. Guest Speakers: Greg Nagel reconfirmed with the West Town Chamber and SSA to come to July 12 membership meeting. Neal McKnight agreed to speak with Black Dog Gelato about doing a Business Minute. Scott Rappe also agreed to speak with Barry's pharmacy about presenting a Business Binute in the future.

  5. Galleria Liquor follow-up: Scott Rappe is drafting a letter to send to Ald. Joe Moreno regarding the vote at the membership meeting.

  6. Walgreens: PR representatives sent an email to Greg Nagel regarding the reintroduction of beer and wine into their store. They were asking to come to a meeting, as suggested by the alderman, to inform the group of their plans. After some discussion, Neal McKnight agreed to speak with Ald. Moreno's office about the issue.

  7. Treasure's Report: Nicole Semple stated that she is still in the process of arranging a new bank account for EVA and is planning to go with Chase bank.

  8. Membership: Dana Palmer agreed to compile a complete membership list of both East Village Association and the previous East Village Neighbors group.

Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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