Liquor OK linked to zoning, new moratorium

Peter Locke (with laptop) demonstrates energy-audit tests at the Happy Village.
Membership Meeting Minutes for June 7, 2010
Submitted by Dana Palmer

  1. Business Minute: Dana and Matt Palmer presented Super Dog Walking as a local business.

  2. Guest Speaker: Peter Locke, a sustainability consultant with the city of Chicago, presented to the group. He spoke about the Chicago Climate Action Plan, which states that Chicago has proposed to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020. He also touched on the Chicago Retrofit Strategy, which involves retrofitting homes and businesses to be more energy efficient buildings.

  3. Respect Amendment: President Greg Nagel proposed a bylaw amendment regarding respect and expulsion of an individual being disrepectful. However, a vote of 10 in favor and 11 opposed did not allow the amendment to pass.

  4. Galleria Liquors. Benjamin Pourkhalili and associates presented plans to put a high-end wine and liquor store at Ashland and Division in the Polish Triangle. They are requesting a lift of the liquor-license moratorium. The EVA Planning, Preservation and Development team presented a proposal that could grant the Galleria request and also fulfill EVA initiatives. The committee also reported that it met with Alderman Joe Moreno's office regarding the pedestrian designation along Division. The alderman committed to the designation and it will be presented to the City Council at a July meeting.

    Neal McKnight presented the Galleria Liquors proposal as:
      The Planning, Preservation and Development Committee does not oppose lifting the packaged goods moratorium to allow Galleria Liquors to obtain a liquor license, subject to and only upon the successful implementation of the following:
    1. Establishment of a new packaged goods moratorium on the south side of Division, from Wood to Ashland,
    2. Zoning change of 1551 Division, 1553-55 Division, 1133 North Ashland and 1141 North Ashland form C2-1 to B1-1.
    This proposal was made and seconded and passed with a 19-3 vote.

Meeting commenced at 7:07 p.m., adjourned at 9:10 p.m.
Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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