EVA to sponsor LaSalle II PTO raffle

May 10 board minutes submitted by Dana Palmer

  1. Meeting notification signs: All board members signed up to pick up a sign and replace it prior to the next meeting. Scott Rappe agreed to map out locations for the signs and e-mail the board members regarding the locations they should place the signs. If a sign is missing Greg Nagel should be contacted.

  2. The bylaw amendment on respect has already been published in this month's newsletter. Marjorie Isaacson agreed to draft a welcoming statement that will include verbalization about respect that can be voiced at the start of all EVA membership meetings.

  3. Tom Tomek brought the board a request by the LaSalle II parent-teacher organization. He stated that the PTO is having an event at The Boundary on May 22 and would like to have a raffle. However, because the PTO has been in operation for less than 5 years it cannot apply for a raffle license. Therefore, the PTO asks that EVA apply for a raffle license for the raffle. This requires both signatures of the president and secretary of EVA. Some legal issues and concerns were raised. Neal McKnight and Tom Tomek agreed to work together with LaSalle II to clarify these issues before the license will be applied for.

  4. Aaron Bilton endorsed to EVA $330 from former East Village Neighbors funds.

  5. Neal McKnight is going to be working with arborist Mark Duntemann to survey Augusta Boulevard. The idea is to find a way of having trees planted along that boulevard.

  6. Guest speakers: It is too late to have the Board of Review outreach program come to the June EVA meeting because the Board of Review closes June 4. Greg Nagel suggested having a special night in the East Village community for the Board of Review outreach program. He will call the Board of Review to find out dates that this night could be arranged. He will also contact Ald. Joe Moreno's office to see if they can help champion the event. Aaron Bilton agreed that if a night is arranged he would request Commercial Park to allow us to use their community room. Both Aaron Bilton and Nicole Semple agreed to help Greg arrange this night.
  7. Greg Nagle will ask the West Town Chamber along with the SSA to be guest speakers at the EVA July membership meeting.

  8. Since the membership meeting in July falls on July 5, the board voted to change the meeting date to July 12 at the same time and location.

  9. For the June membership guest speaker, Tom Tomek suggested Peter Locke, who is into energy conservation. Tomek agreed to contact him and set it up.

  10. It was also decided that it would be nice to have local businesses start the membership meetings with a 5-10 minute presentation on services they offer. Greg Nagel stated he would e-mail the West Town Chamber asking for a list of local businesses that could present. Dana Palmer agreed to present on her business for the June meeting if no other business can be arranged in time.

  11. Nicole Semple has agreed to continue the process of transferring EVA business to a new post box and new bank.

  12. Dana Palmer agreed to compile a current list of membership that combines both EVA and past EVN members.

  13. Neal McKnight agreed to file tax exemption paperwork due June 2.

  14. Greg Nagel agreed to confirm with Alderman Moreno's office that his liaison will be attending EVA meetings.

  15. Aaron Bilton will contact LaSalle School as a possible guest speaker for September and Scott Rappe will contact Pritzker School as a possible guest speaker for October.

  16. New business: A new business is interested in the property at Ashland and Division on the southwest side of the street. However, the owner is asking for a lift of the liquor moratorium so that they can sell wine. According to Aaron Bilton, there are three different moratoriums in that area. The interest for EVA is that the property in question is currently in C class zoning. EVA has in the past pushed for the removal of all C zoning to B zoning. Also, EVA has been interested in improving the Polish Triangle. Therefore, EVA is debating whether allowing this business into the area may help improve the Polish Triangle, and B zoning may be an EVA precondition to lift the moratorium. However, the board was very concerned about the moratorium being lifted for this business only and for the one year time span only. Scott Rappe, Aaron Bilton and Neal McKnight have agreed to assess the pros and cons of the issue and the possibilities will be discussed at the next board meeting.

Attendance: Greg Nagel, Neal McKnight, Nicole Semple, Dana Palmer, Tom Tomek, Aaron Bilton, Marjorie Isaacson, Scott Rappe and Stephen Rynkiewicz. Meeting commenced at 6:38 p.m. Meeting adjourned at 8:52 p.m. Next membership meeting: June 7.
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