A great haircut for only $6!

By Greg Nagel 

Hidden in plain sight, Baci Hair & Nail Salon is at 947 N. Ashland on the west side of the street. Leta Baci (Mom), Celnik Baci (Dad) and Marin Baci (Son) all work there along with six other stylists. Leta and Celnick each have more than 15 years of experience cutting hair.

Opened originally in 2005 at 949 N. Ashland, they moved back in May into their fancy, newly remodeled store next door. Despite the huge upgrade in the store decor, Leta explains that “We do good work at fair or better than fair prices.” These prices are $6 for a haircut, $20 for a pedicure, $10 for a manicure, and $6 for eyebrow threading.

They are very honest, polite, friendly, and hard working people that you can’t help but like. I’ve been going there for two years now, and I never heard any gossip or attitude like you often find in salons.

I have Leta cut my hair every three weeks, and being the big spender that I am I give her $10 for her efforts. Oh, and I got my haircut the day before that pic was taken.
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