East Village neighbors celebrate

President's Message by John Scheer 

Wow! What a great EVA barbecue. I think all of you who joined us for the annual August East Village Association barbecue will agree it was a beautiful Chicago evening and a great get-together for friends and neighbors.

For those of you who did not join the festivities, you will have to listen to the rest of us rave about the Boundary burgers, Piccolo ice cream and the homemade extras that EVA members and guests brought to the evening &151; so many tasty dishes including fresh-caught salmon, secret brownies and possibly the best in show, the deviled eggs. I hope our photographer got a picture of the deviled eggs before they were devoured.

I want to send out a major thank-you to all of those who helped with the planning, setup and coordination. EVA Board members, EVA members and non-members really came together and created a splendid evening in the traditional EVA spirit of neighborhood friendship and community togetherness. I want to add a big thank-you to everyone who came to the EVA barbecue and celebrated the evening with us.

And of course, one of the individual values of the EVA barbecue is to offer new members an incentive to join EVA with an extended membership. We experienced a very good turnout of new members the evening of the barbecue. Welcome to all of our new members, and please come to the next EVA meeting to support the initiative of your choice.

Having met a number of these new members during the barbecue, I was excited to find that most of them were already familiar with EVA because they had been following the EVA website for a number of months. This is a great testimonial to the value of the EVA website. Many of you have submitted articles and news updates to the website, which is actually an extension of the EVA newsletter.

Then there is our webmaster, Steve Rynkiewicz, who adds all of the extra links, blogs and wikis to extend the value beyond the physical boundaries of the neighborhood. The EVA web site has become a major asset and major credit goes to Steve for his creative genius and publishing expertise.

Looking to the next EVA general membership meeting, the Labor Day holiday weekend happens to fall on the normal day for the EVA meeting. To respect the spirit of the holiday, the September EVA meeting is rescheduled one week later to Monday, Sept. 14 and the EVA board meeting will be moved to Monday Sept. 21. I hope all of you enjoy the Labor Day holiday weekend and I also hope to see you at the next EVA meeting.
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