Illinois tries to find you, and give you money

By Greg Nagel

Banks and businesses must turn over unclaimed property to the state Treasurer’s Office if they are unable to locate the rightful owner after five years. The laws that govern this activity are called escheat or unclaimed-property laws.

From my previous life in Corporate America I recall how common it was for companies to not issue checks for credits on accounts, but rather simply turn over this money to the state. Also, there was situations where payroll money also got turned over to the state when an employee's contact info became stale.

Nearly every state has a website to look up your name to see if you can claim any of that money. In Illinois this site is subtitled Cash Dash.

Simply go to this site, type your name and search. If the state has unclaimed funds in your name, you'll have to fill out a short form, get it notarized, and mail it to the state.

I collected a whopping $68 for myself. I hope you find your pot of gold!
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