Board meeting minutes for May 11, 2009

Submitted by Dana Palmer

Board Members: John Scheer, Greg Nagel and Dana Palmer
Committee Members: Scott Rappe, Steve Crane, Rich Anselmo and Steve Rynkiewicz
Non-Board Members: Marjorie Isaacson

  1. Steve Crane was inducted into the Membership Committee role by Greg Nagel and John Scheer.

  2. Ways of promoting new membership to EVA were discussed. Rich Anselmo agreed to find out more about having a post card printed up informing neighbors of EVA and directing them to the EVA website. Greg Nagel discussed the possibility of attending Chamber of Commerce meeting in an attempt to make EVA more present and others aware of us. Greg Nagel also agreed to print out a report of new closures in the neighborhood as a way of finding out who our new neighbors are. The idea was presented that Steve Crane could obtain the attendance list from the previous EVA membership meeting and send and e-mail to the non-members asking them to attend the upcoming meeting and inviting them to join EVA. Dana Palmer agreed to continue sending out a reminder e-mail to current EVA members regarding upcoming EVA meeting and events.

  3. Scott Rappe presented is draft letter to present to present to the Alderman regarding “The Winchester” and the contingencies that the vote was made upon. Those contingencies included no roof deck, outdoor cafe to be closed at 11:00 p.m., outdoor cafe should not exceed 44 occupants at a time, doors and windows to building will also be closed at 11:00 p.m., an off duty officer should be posted daily from 10:00 p.m. until closing for the first 6 months of operation to ensure orderly departure by patrons and that construction will conform to drawings presented in proposal.

  4. Scott Rappe and Marjorie Isaacson also presented the idea of having a blog for complaints about outdoor cafes as a place to document neighbors concerns and monitor the problems that may be occurring.

  5. Greg Nagel expressed that he feels the alderman should be attending more EVA meetings due to his notice of the alderman or an alderman's representative attending EVN meetings. He expressed his concern that the Alderman is not as involved with EVA as he should be. John Scheer agreed to speak with the Alerman's office about being more involved with EVA meetings.

  6. John Scheer shared that for the June membership meeting he has confired that Cook County Commissioner Earlene Collins is coming and that he is working on having a master gardener to possibly present.
  7. Ideas were passed around regarding the upcoming July membership meeting and what presentations could be given. Greg Nagel suggested possibly the fire department or CPR presentation.

  8. Scott Rappe made a committee report regarding Planning, Preservation and Development that 920 N. Winchester has been posted for demolition as requested by members of the neighborhood due to lack of upkeep by the owner.

  9. Steve Rynkiewicz reported that EVA now has a twitter feed and that he is seeking articles for the next months newsletter.
Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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