Your EVA membership breaks the ice

President Message by John Scheer 

The new year 2009 is already starting to mature within the first month. And with the cold weather and snow, what better things can we do but get involved with our neighbors in support of our community?

In this first month, EVA has seen the membership exercise its voice on a couple of zoning topics, each of which will have an impact on the neighborhood. Renewing your membership, or signing up as a new member, is one of the best ways to get involved in your community and to make a difference. The more neighbors who get involved and participate in the decisions that form the future of our neighborhood, the better the planning and improvements for all of us.

Most recently, you may have been aware of the community support that EVA and its members contributed back to our neighbors. In December, the members donated warm clothing as part of our holiday celebration to direct some resources to our neighbors in need of some basic comforts. EVA also provided the cash donation to a local social service as a continuation of helping our community. By simply keeping your membership in EVA current, you can help ensure that EVA can continue to support these traditions and add value to others.

EVA has hosted a couple of social activities this past year. With the summer cookout, Sunday night movie and holiday dinner, EVA has contributed to the neighborhood experience where both members and nonmembers can interact and strengthen the bond of our community. Please join future activities and become part of the East Village experience by contributing you own personality.

Working with the City of Chicago and Cook County elected and appointed officials has also been a regular topic for the EVA general meetings. These officials bring current news and information to the EVA meetings and they need to get feedback including both concerns and concurrence from the audience. Your participation can make a difference in the city services received on your block as well as the larger neighborhood.

If you have taken the time to renew your EVA membership for 2009, I thank you. If you are still pending, please renew soon so that you can retain your voting privileges. And if you prefer to remain a nonmember, you are welcome and encouraged to still attend the EVA monthly meetings. Your support will be put to good use.
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