EVA September 2008 minutes

General Meeting minutes for September 2, 2008 Membership Meeting
Submitted by Joe Hunnewinkel

Introduction and welcome to Guest Speaker Alderman Manny Flores.

1. Alderman Flores spoke about the new LaSalle School of Language Arts at Division and Wolcott, formerly Anderson Academy. The school will focus on Chinese and Spanish, and membership would be 50% local students. An event is in the works to welcome the school and establish a relationship with the community.

2. A new playlot is in the works for Commercial Park.

3. The Alderman stated that the West Town Library will hopefully be relocated to the Goldblatt's Building in the near future. He requested that members send letters to Commissioner Mary Dempsey stressing the need for a permanent solution.

4. The Alderman spoke successes of the Blue Cart Recycling program, and encouraged members to educate neighbors on the correct method of using them.

5. Alderman Flores talked about the successes of the Milwaukee Avenue Landmark District, and his hope to aggressively pursue expanding the district to include the area surrounding the Polish Triangle at Division/Ashland/Milwaukee. Little progress has been made with the status of the former Pizza Hut property at Division and Ashland.

6. Members presented questions to the Alderman concerning:

1. Development of Division Street as a pedestrian zone. (No more curb cuts,
Depending on the outcome of the proposal at the Pizza Hut location)

2. The possibility of establishing a Chicago Avenue Landmark District.
(Possible in the future, but Milwaukee Avenue is the focus for now)

3. Police presence in the East Village.
(Crime seems to be down, mainly theft and auto break-ins)

4. Landmarks enforcement. Who is responsible?
(Progress has been slow, the Alderman will push for formal guidelines.)

7. Meeting adjourned.

Board Meeting minutes for 9/8/2008
Submitted by Joe Hunnewinkel

Board Members: John Scheer, Joe Hunnewinkel, Rich Ansalmo,
Scott Rappe, Steven Rynkiewicz

Non- Board member: Margie Issaccson.

1. Meeting focused on landmark efforts:

1. Boundaries of proposed Polish Triangle district.

2. EVA should be involved in proposed Chicago Avenue landmarking, but Preservation Chicago should spearhead the effort.

2. Discussion of possible future social events.
It was decided that a movie night would be a good place to begin, and possible venues to approach to host.

3. Landmarks enforcement has been lax, board agreed that city should be held accountable.

4. Due to the November 4th election, Happy Village Tavern will not be available, and the November general meeting will be cancelled.

5. Meeting adjourned.
Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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