Board Meeting minutes for 8/11/2008

Submitted by Joe Hunnewinkel

Board Members: John Scheer, Brian Thompson, Greg Nagle

Non- Board members: Scott Rappe, Margie Issaccson.

1. Members discussed August Barbecue and agreed it was very successful, both as a social event and in terms of recruiting new members. Pros and cons were discussed as well as suggestions on how to improve future events.

2. The issues concerning the status of creating a Chicago Avenue Landmarks District were brought up, and it was decided a broader discussion was needed among the general membership, as well as what the aldermen's commitment would be. The possibility of forming a committee was discussed.

3. Members made suggestions for future EVA sponsored events which will help create a more positive social structure among members. Suggestions included softball games, pet events and movies at the Happy Village Tavern.

4. Meeting adjourned.
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