2008 East Village barbecue photos

East Village summer barbecue
By Joe Hunnewinkel 

The garden patio of the Happy Village Tavern filled with East Village Association members Aug. 5 for the annual EVA summer barbecue. Neighbors socialized and enjoyed food provided by The Boundary, Dominick's and Café Piccolo.

See photos of the event.

The 2008 EVA barbecue could not have been the success that it was had it not been for the generosity and commitment of some of our neighborhood businesses.

First, to Cheryln, Katie & Louie at The Happy Village Tavern (1059 N. Wolcott) for again, as in most of EVA's history, provided a cheerful setting for the event. We greatly appreciate the continued commitment to the organization, and friendly, helpful attitude.

To Ken and the staff of The Boundary (1932 W. Division) for donating huge tasty burgers- and manning the grill! You rocked. Members raved. Thank you for your contribution of time and talent. Also cheese.

To Phil at Café Piccolo (859 N. Damen) for printing our invites and donating that creamy, delicious gelato. The door-to door handouts generated interest in neighbors we may not have otherwise reached, and many new faces were the result.

Wynona and the folks at Dominick's (2021 W. Chicago) once again were extremely generous in providing Gift Cards to spend as we needed. They enabled us to make the event a much tastier and varied affair.
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