East Village’s top cop Judith Martin makes June 3 command performance

Commander Judith Martin of the Chicago Police’s 13th District is the special guest of East Village Association at its meeting Tuesday, June 3 at the Happy Village tavern, 1059 N. Wolcott.

Martin is the department’s former domestic violence coordinator, and volunteered at a battered women's shelter before joining the force. "I always tell everybody, 'Call the police.' But I know it's not that simple," Martin told the Chicago Reporter in 2002. “If I was being abused, I probably wouldn't call the police, either. I guess it's because I'm Irish and Russian, and we grew up learning that you keep that to yourself. … You don't air your dirty laundry." 

Martin’s 26 years in uniform also included Foster Avenue district patrol duty, the Internal Affairs Division and the citywide Organized Crime unit.

Police Superintendant Jody Weis replaced 21 of Chicago’s 25 district police commanders in March, a month after the former FBI agent took over as Chicago police chief. "Chicago will be watching you and this department,” Weis told the new commanders in a swearing-in ceremony. “Make us proud."

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