Board minutes for 4/8/2008

Submitted by Joe Hunnewinkel 

Attendance: Board Members: John Scheer, Brian Thompson, Greg Nagel, Joe Hunnewinkel, Scott Rappe, Rich Ansalmo, Steve Rynkiewicz

Non- Board members: Aaron Bilton, Dave Stumm

1. Board members discussed rumors of new neighborhood organization being formed by former disgruntled EVA past and present members.

2. Aaron Bilton and David Stumm arrived mid-discussion and confirmed that a new organization was being formed, and stated that some former and present members of EVA felt that meetings were becoming far too hostile, and this presented a bad image of the community both to guest speakers and first time attendees to EVA meetings.

3. Board members discussed solutions to issues which would improve the situation with Mr. Bilton and Mr. Stumm, as well as how this new organization might handle such conflict in their own meetings.

4. Mr. Bilton and Mr. Stumm replied that if such discussions would not be tolerated, and members who refused to comply would be asked to leave and refunded their membership fees.

5. Mr. Bilton and Mr. Stumm left the meeting stating they feel their organization had a different agenda than EVA, and they would not consider remaining involved with EVA at this time.

6. Scott Rappe updated the board on the former Pizza Hut at Division and Ashland. No progress has been made since last discussing the matter with Alderman Flores.

8. Board members discussed the upcoming Clean & Green on May 17th.

9. Greg Nagel suggested that the Dinner Club be revisited as a way to increase member involvement. He volunteered to research possible venues.

10. Meeting adjourned.
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