A new East Village Association board springs into action

President’s Message by John Scheer 

The seasons are changing, the clock has been changed for daylight saving time and the EVA officers have transitioned. I am pleased to tell you that your new officers and supporting board members have completed the turnover activities and are
actively working on their responsibilities.

Thank you to the EVA members who cast your vote of confidence for the new officers: myself for president, Greg Nagel for vice president, Brian Thompson for treasurer and Joe Hunnewinkel for secretary. Our transitional board meeting was in March.

I want to extend a major thank you to the previous officers: Mary Szpur, president; Brian Thompson, vice president; Julie Rudloff, treasurer; and John Sekowski, secretary. Each of these officers deserves a big round of applause for their dedication and leadership. And a second round of applause for the EVA board members and volunteers that supported these officers throughout last year. Their time and effort is greatly appreciated.

Marjie Isaacson deserves special thanks and acknowledgement for her ever-present, always appropriate and historically accurate support that keeps all of the rest of us focused on the best course of action. And a hidden thank you to Brian Roman who worked in the background, remote for part of the year, as the EVA newsletter producer. Brian maintained such a low profile that most of you may not have known he was doing his job. We appreciate you support, Brian.

I am pleased that Scott Rappe will be continuing his board member role as head of the Planning Preservation and Development committee. Scott has distinguished himself with his in-depth knowledge of building, zoning and design. You can expect to see more communications from Scott on a list of initiatives in our neighborhood.

Rich Anselmo will continue his board position and will be the EVA representative in support of the 32nd ward Master Plan. Once completed, it is hoped that the same type of plan can be adopted for the 1st ward modeled on this Master Plan. And the technical award goes to Steve Rynkiewicz, the EVA webmaster. Steve successfully launched the EVA website last year and continues to add improvements on a monthly basis. Steve has a list of new improvements and additions in the works.

With the change in officers, there are two board member positions now open. I will ask anyone who has an interest in participating in support of the EVA board and may have a personal passion for a specific community initiative to please contact myself or any one of the officers with your interests to be considered.

The next membership meeting is at 7 p.m. April 1 at the Happy Village, 1059 N. Wolcott. Richard Tilley of the Wicker Park Garden Club will offer his view of gardening in the city. Please join me with neighbors and Chicago officials in this next year, to grow with our city and community.
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