EVA leaders support East Village liquor moratorium

This letter is from the East Village Association (EVA) board and is being addressed to our two alderman, Manny Flores and Scott Waguespack, West Town Chamber of Commerce Chicago, the EVA membership, and EVA newsletter readers.

It is drafted with the purpose of conveying the reasoning behind our stance to support the existing moratorium by providing some history. Furthermore, it is meant to a response to the West Town Chamber of Commerce Chicago letter published in January of 2008.

Liquor Moratorium – what is it?

  • An ordinance voted on by City Council

  • A limitation on the issuance of new liquor licenses

  • Limitation is specific to liquor licenses for ‘consumption on premises’ and ‘package sales’

  • No impact on existing liquor licenses for continued operations

  • No limitation for ‘incidental’ licenses in support of restaurant sales

Why is there a liquor moratorium in and around the East Village neighborhood?

  • It provides the residents with a tool to manage the quality of life in their neighborhood

  • It is a device that assists with a vision and plan for maintaining residential property values

  • It serves as a construct that helps establish a buffer between residential and businesses in a dense, mixed use environment

  • It limits the volume of requests for new liquor licenses in the area with an existing high concentration of liquor licenses

Over eight years ago, EVA, together with the then neighboring community groups, Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Association, Old Wicker Park Community and Eckhart Park Community Group. worked with the then sitting aldermen, Jesse Granato and Ted Matlak, to establish the current liquor moratorium covering the East Village neighborhood.

This moratorium has been viewed as fair in the treatment of all businesses within its definition.

In response to the WTCCC position for changes in the liquor moratorium, the EVA board is supporting the current aldermen, Manny Flores and Scott Waguespack, in their position to make no alterations to this liquor moratorium.

East Village Association Board of Directors
Mary Szpur President
Brian Thompson Vice President
Julie Rudloff Treasurer
John Sekowski Secretary
Rich Anselmo Board member
Greg Nagle Board member
Scott Rappe Board member
Stephen Rynkiewicz Board member
John Scheer Board member
Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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