East Village Association General Membership Meeting Minutes

7 PM January 8 , 2008, Happy Village Tavern: Submitted by John Sekowski. Attendance: 25 (members and non-members)

  1. Guest Speaker was Mr. Manny Gonzales from the 1st Ward Street and Sanitation Department. He took questions from the floor, many of which were related to recycling. He also touched based the green alley program (permeable pavement). One member expressed disappointment in the enforcement of the recent handbill ordinance (eliminating/controlling flyers on the streets & sidewalks). He encouraged all to call whenever we have a complaint, question, or need a bulk-pick-up.

  2. The current owner of Damen and Augusta Foods, Eddie Ratwan, came to the meeting seeking support to obtain a license to sell packaged liquors to keep up with local competitors on Division and Dominick’s who do sell wine and beer. It was mentioned that a liquor moratorium (a cap) on new packaged liquor licenses is in effect in his two-block section as well as multiple other two-block sections in the neighborhood. It was generally understood that there are no exceptions unless the moratorium(s) is lifted (reversed). Confusion came when the store owner implied that he was seeking an exception and that the Alderman directed him to come to the EVA meeting to present his case. As suggested by member Marjie Isaacson, the issued was tabled until we have clarity from the Manny Flores (1st Ward Alderman) what his vision is for new packaged liquor licenses in the neighborhood.

  3. Secretary’s report, John Sekowski – no report

  4. Treasurer’s report, Julie Bragg – there is approximately $1174 in the account.

  5. Membership- Renewal for all members (unless you signed up new at the August Bar-B-Que) are due. Please renew before the election in March. The club’s website now has a “pay-pal” option in which you may pay by mastercard- visa over the internet,

  6. Member Guy Bragg, presented a draft for a business card for the Association. The intent is to have a blank line for
    the current officers to fill in and pass out for marketing, networking, etc.

East Village Association Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

6:30 PM January 15th, 2008, Happy Village Tavern: Submitted by John Sekowski. Attendance: Approximately 10 (board members and non-board members)

  1. The board generally agreed not to debate liquor moratorium issues at the general meeting, reason being that moratorium(
    s) is already in place. If an individual(s) are seeking to lift a moratorium, the alderman should inform us first before
    passing the issue to the community group.

  2. John Sekowski will send a thank you note to Manny Gonzales for being the guest speaker.

  3. Walgreens at the former Pizza Hut site at Ashland and Division – Due to the possible extension of the pedestrian oriented development, there is a possibility that Walgreens may “walk”. The Department of Planning also opposes a curb cut along Division.

  4. There was some discussion that the site of the existing Police Station could be converted to a park more easily than other sites (such as the AAA building adjacent to Commercial Park) because the city already owns that land.

  5. The liquor commissioner is a possible speaker for a future meeting.

  6. We have prospective canidates for three of the four officer positions next year. Mr. John Scheer (P), Mr. Greg Nagel
    (VP), and Mr. Brian Thompson (T).

We are in need of a person willing to take the officer position as Secretary. Primary duties include taking and submitting
General Meeting Minutes and Board Meeting Minutes, and other tasks as the year goes along. The Secretary is also a
board member.
Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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