Alderman Flores: Boundary tavern's tree pits to be fully restored

Aldermanic liaison report by Greg Nagel

Alderman Manny Flores says parkway green space at The Boundary lounge will be restored to its former size.

As Scott Rappe reported in previous newsletters, the new bar at 1937 W. Division St. removed two tree-pit fences this summer and paved over the planting area.

"The tree pits contribute to a unified streetscape giving Division Street a cohesive identity," Rappe wrote, "and were installed during Division Street's low point as a shopping district in the hope that it would one day be revitalized.”

The Boundary did this with full permission and proper permits.

“During the normal building permit process, the Department of Zoning reviews all projects," said Rappe, who chairs the East Village Association's Planning, Preservation & Development Committee. "It regulates the Landscape Ordinance and has jurisdiction over things like the installation of trees and tree grates in the parkway. Zoning is supposed to check whether there is a [Chicago Department of Transportation] moratorium in place before approving any work in the parkway; apparently this procedure was not followed in the case of Boundary.”

I met with Alderman Flores on Feb. 18 regarding EVA business. Flores indicated that he had been reluctant to force Boundary to put back the tree pits to their initial size, as the city had messed up and misdirected them. However, the alderman thinks he has come up with a way for them to do it with the city absorbing the cost.

I think this is good news for both the community and the business. Boundary will still lose table space, but not be hit with a bill. Flores did not specifically address restoration of the fences.

Mike’s Furniture traffic jam

Although Mike’s Furniture, at 1259 N. Ashland, sits just outside the East Village Association boundary, furniture deliveries in front of the store certainly have had an impact on many of our residents. I asked the alderman about this issue and relayed to him some frustration regarding the traffic jam that the double-parked trucks create, both weekdays and Saturdays.

Flores indicated the proprietor met with him several months ago and promised to receive deliveries during off-peak hours for traffic. As this clearly has not happened, I will follow up with the alderman regarding the potential of creating a loading zone. A potential downside to a loading zone is a loss of street parking.

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