Neighborhood leave stamp on mail carriers

For the East Village mail carrier, attempting “the swift completion of his appointed rounds” sometimes leads to striking out for another neighborhood.

Station managers for the 60618, 60622 and 60647 ZIP codes told the post office's 1st Ward Customer Advisory Council that rapid change in the mail-carrier ranks contribute to late, missed and inaccurate delivery.

Letter carriers here get the itch to move on not from the travels of Herodotus, who inspired the postman's motto, but from the rigors of routes packed with apartments and condos and rife with address changes.

Senior carriers are more likely to bid for easier routes covering downtown high-rises, according to a report from the council on its Nov. 13 meeting. That means here the mail must go through their less-experienced replacements. Sick-day replacements need even more time to learn a route's quirks.

Because post offices have so little dock space, the managers asked neighbors to bear with trucks lining up to load in the morning.

The volunteer council is a creation of Ald. Manny Flores and Chicago Postmaster Gloria Tyson. It next meets at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 12, at Flores' ward service office, 2058 N. Western Ave. The group also takes comments and complaints by e-mail at
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