EVA Starts East Village Chicago Discussion Group

by Stephen Rynkiewicz

Talk amongst yourselves. We'll give you a topic.

East Village Association has started a discussion group on Yahoo!People who join can post comments or ask questions on items of local interest, at groups.yahoo.com/group/evachicago.

You can receive notes from members as they're posted or in a daily email, or read them on the Web. This control over how much email you receive could be an important feature. Nearby in Logan Square, people post 600 messages a month in a similar Yahoo! group (groups.yahoo.com/group/LoganSquare). The back-and-forth comments recently have dealt with taxes, development and the burning of the Mega Mall building on Milwaukee Avenue.

Members of the Logan Square group posted notices on activities and events, compared local shops and tradesmen, swapped job-hunting tips and in one case gave away a Pottery Barn desk. During the Mexican independence festivities, they asked each other why helicopters were hovering over Fullerton Avenue.

As in Logan Square, the East Village forum is open to all. Marjorie Isaacson and I will be moderators, which means we canor delete items if things get out of hand.! is host to thousands of these groups, on topics from dog training to sports teams to (as the Web site delicately phrases it) "romance."

News from EVA will be posted to the group but since anyone can leave messages, the discussion will not necessarily reflect formal EVA positions.more EVA and East Village news at the East Village Association website, eastvillagechicago.org.
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