TONIGHT - Show your concern about East Village crime

At the EVA general membership meeting last night, the subject of this summer's multiple shootings in and around our community was discussed, as many residents are very concerned about these recent violent incidents in our neighborhood.

As a first step in dealing with this problem as a group, we urge EVA members to attend the September CAPS meeting tonight, Wednesday, September 5, at 7 pm, at the 13th District police station on Wood Street, south of Augusta, on the second floor.

We decided at last night's meeting that a "show of force" with as many people present at the CAPS meeting as we could get, voicing their concern and asking for solutions, might be effective. So, we want you there.

Several specific suggestions for improving police presence and community vigilance were discussed at the EVA meeting, and we hope these suggestions are brought up at the CAPS meeting as well.

If you are concerned about this important issue, please attend the CAPS meeting tonight.

Mary Szpur, East Village Association President
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