East Village Association Board of Directors Meeting Minute

6:30 PM August 13th, 2007, Happy Village Tavern

  1. Treasurer reported that we gained approximately $265 from new memberships at the night of the Bar-B-Que. We now have approximately 90 members.

  2. Secretary will write thank you notes to Carol Scully of Dominick’s and Phil McFarland of Lava Lounge-Café Piccolo for their donations to the Bar-B-Que. The 32nd Ward Alderman will also get a note for his appearance that night.

  3. Bar-B-Que sign up sheet – Julie will update membership of people who signed up and paid dues. John will take the list of people who signed in but didn’t sign up and send them a hardcopy of the September Newsletter as a welcome packet to join.

  4. Newsletter

    • The board agreed that the current printable format will remain and will be issued monthly – see this for details.

    • The distribution to the majority of the members will be via email in pdf form. Each month, at least 25 printed copies will be traditionally hardcopy printed each month to bring to the general meetings, for members is also intended to increase our business membership.

  5. Guy volunteered to print up business cards with a blank line for write-ins. He will need a .tif file of the East Village Association Logo.

  6. Website- It was suggested that to keep the current membership centrally available, the treasure will send the updated list to Webmaster Steve Rynkiewicz. Steve will post as an URL so that only officers will passwords can access it. This to be discussed further at next board meeting.

  7. September meeting – The speaker will be a representative from Dominick’s correlating with the grand opening of their new store in Ukrainian Village.
  8. Manny Flores, Alderman of 1st Ward, will speak at the meeting.

  9. Crimes and shootings – The board agreed to refer people to CAPS for these type of issues.
Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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