EVA’s Aldermanic Liason

by Greg Nagel

Dear Neighbors,

In the last meeting I volunteered to be the Aldermanic Liason for the 27th Ward. I have not met yet with Alderman Burnett but I intend to before the September meeting.

I met with Alderman Flores on Monday June 16th and the the following is a summary of
the key takeaways of the meeting;

* Manny and Handbill Ordinance Advocate, Jeanne Felknor, walked East Village and collected
illegally disseminated menus. Manny's observations matched up with the groups's
feedback as far as the worst offenders (Bella's, Pizaanos, & Lucky Vitos). Many is following up with these restaraunts.

* Manny indicated that he will ask the new Restaurant Boundary to present to our group at our 9/4/07 meeting.

* On behalf of Scott Rappe, I followed up on the Pizza Hut lot and learned that the property is under contract to a developer affiliated with Walgreens. Manny indicated that he has discussed his expectation of reviewing several sets of plans and that the structure should take advantage of the zoning and be built up accordingly. Furthermore, Manny indicated that he foresees a Walgreens on the 1st floor and a residential building o top of it and indicated that a density bonus was open for discussion. This info was brought to the Board meeting.

* On behalf on Scott Rappe, I followed up on that demolished parking garage at just off Chicago that stretches from Marshfield to Paulina. There is no requested zoning change or curb cut on this project at this time.

If anyone has issues at all, please feel free to call my cell (312-933-1432) or email me at gnagel01@comcast.net.

Enjoy the summer,
Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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