A Post Office Progress Report by Scott A. Rappe, hopeful postal customer

The April newsletter included a ‘report card’ on which to record postal delivery performance. The following data is based on the postal delivery service to my office during the month of May. This was the first month we tracked the postal service’s accuracy, but it does seem that there has been some improvement from the typical service we had been receiving previously.

Overall, 349 out of a total of 374 pieces of mail were delivered correctly; an average accuracy of 93%. Depending on the grading curve used, this would qualify as a B+, or even an A.

The majority of the problems we experienced were with mail intended for someone else, but delivered to us. This is surprising, since this would seem to be the fundamental mission of the post office. All of the incorrectly delivered mail was clearly addressed and much of it was blocks away from its intended Notable for its absence were several persistent problems that we had experienced for years. Chief among these
were mail left dangerously at the foot of our stair, and multiple advertising circulars stuffed in our mailbox. This in itself was a major improvement.

Service improvements during the month of May were encouraging, but the jury is still out:
This past Monday, June 18, we received no mail. On Tuesday, our next door neighbor
dropped off a noticeably thin bundle of mail intended for all four tenants in my building. We
know from experience that receipt of so few pieces are a bad sign. There is no telling where
the rest of Monday’s mail ended up, or if we will ever receive it…Stay tuned for further updates
in coming months.
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