Excellent New Pizza Restaurant: Coal Fire by Mary Szpur

Located just south of East Village is a wonderful New York/New Haven style pizzeria
called Coal Fire. Pizzas are cooked in a coal-fired oven, so they get done
relatively quickly. The crust is thin, tasty, and chewy, with bubbly outer edges.
Sauces are simple and flavorful. Toppings were varied, with veggies and meat,
and were fresh and delicious.

My dinner companions and I all thought the pizzas
we tasted were great, and that Coal Fire compared very favorably to the other
recently opened oven-baked pizza places in Chicago. Plus, it’s BYOB, always a
plus. Coal Fire is located at 1321 W. Grand Ave., on the south side of Grand, just
west of Ogden Avenue. 312.226.2625.
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