EVA President’s Message by Mary Szpur

All of us who live in the 1st Ward should we excited about participating in the city’s new blue cart recycling
program. The blue cart program seems well conceived, is easy to use, and will significantly reduce the
amount of waste we place in the black garbage carts. Please read more about this program elsewhere in this
newsletter. I for one am thrilled and proud that Chicago has a good recycling program.

At the May EVA membership meeting, featured speakers 13th District Commander Christine Kolman and 13th
District Community Policing Sergeant Juan Clas addressed how the police are dealing with various issues in
our community, then fielded questions from the audience. A number of people brought up issues related to
late-night noise and nuisance problems associated with patrons of local bars and restaurants, especially
those on Division Street. Residents noted that the number of businesses selling liquor on Division Street has
increased dramatically over the last few years, and this has coincided with a concurrent increase in nuisance
problems for nearby neighbors—problems such as noise, litter, public urination, and vandalism. In addition to
this issue, several neighborhood traffic problems were mentioned.

Regarding the noise and nuisance problems associated with bar and restaurant patrons, several suggestions
were discussed:

• Business owners should post easily seen signs for exiting patrons asking that they respect neighbors and
leave quietly. How can we get business owners to do this?

• Business owners should have bouncers or other employees caution patrons as they’re leaving to respect
neighbors and keep the noise level down, and to dispose of litter appropriately. Again, how can we get business
owners to do this?

• Sergeant Klas stated he would send a letter from Command Kolman to Division Street liquor establishments
(text is below) asking them to address these issues.

• Residents need to create a paper trail of any disturbances by calling 311, asking for non-emergency police,
and making a report. A more serious problem may merit calling 911. In addition, bringing complaints to
the Police Beat meetings or CAPS meetings can help create greater police awareness of problems. An business
establishment with a significant paper trail of complaints may need to go before the Liquor Commission.

• Residents should put up “No Trespassing” signs—this is a legal issue and you have a better chance of
making a complaint if you have a sign posted in a problem area.

Commander Kolman and Sergeant Klas were asked if on weekends, street beat officers could walk down Division
Street at closing times for bars and restaurants, or if a police car could patrol this area during those
times, but Commander Kolman thought resources were too strained to accomplish this.
Regarding traffic issues in the neighborhood, Commander Kolman stated she wants reports from us regarding
issues of safety and traffic concerns—i.e., she wants specific locations, descriptions of problems with any
witnessed events (dates, etc.).

To contact 13th District personnel, including Commander Christine Kolman or 13th District Community Policing
Sergeant Juan Clas, please use one of the following:

Email: Caps013district@chicagopolice.org
CAPS office telephone: 312.746.8355
Tactical office telephone: 312.746.8356
CAPS office fax: 312.746.6736
13th District fax: 312.746.7870

Following is the text of the letter sent by 13th District Commander Kolman to all of the liquor establishments on
Division Street, from Ashland to Western Avenues:

“Recently, it was brought to my attention that the Liquor establishments on Division Avenue were not complying
with their responsibilities of owning a Liquor establishment. Topics such as keeping outside of premises
clean of litter and disturbances upon leaving were a serious problem.

"My intention of writing this letter is to inform you of such complaints and to make you aware of future potential
If you have any questions, you can contact Sgt. Juan Clas in the Community Policing Office at 312.746.8355.

Christine R. Kolman
013th Police District”
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Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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