East Village Association Has a New Website!! by Mary Szpur

After over twenty years of operations, the East Village Association has established an identity in cyperspace with its new website at www.eastvillagechicago.org.

Since its inception, EVA has produced a monthly newsletter, which has served as a vital communication system and storehouse for neighborhood history. So why change? Because websites offer great options for improving the timeliness and presentation of information. Anyone with access to the internet can now read about EVA. We are therefore happy to provide this tool to the neighborhood.

Please visit the new website and let us know what you think. The site is still evolving and under construction. The EVA newsletter will still be published, although probably less frequently. We may go to a quarterly newsletter format in the near future. Because some of our neighbors do no use or do not have access to the internet, EVA will remain committed to producing paper editions of the newsletter. Many, many thanks to Steve Rynkiewicz, who designed and set up the website.

He has done an incredible job and we are grateful to him. Steve will serve as lead website administrator. Also thanks to Marjorie Isaacson, who has been invaluable in defining protocols for administering the website and has helped Steve with design. Finally, thanks to John Sekowski, who obtained the web address for us.
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