East Village Association General Membership Meeting Minutes

East Village Association General Membership Meeting Minutes
7 PM June 5, 2007, Happy Village Tavern
Submitted by John Sekowski
Members: 12
Approximate numbers, i.e. not all attended signed in.

1. Guest Speaker was Paula Barrington from the Bucktown-Wicker Park Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Barrington
spoke on what the organization does including courthouse appearances for community support, zoning committee to
submit recommendations to the alderman including landmarking the Milwaukee Avenue commercial district, lobbying
to where money for special service areas should go. One of the bigger challenges they are facing is to keep independent
stores and minimize national chains.

2. The Secretary sent a thank you note to Commander Kohlman for last months presentation.

3. May meeting minutes were approved.

4. Treasurer reported that there is $1,404.18 in the account.

5. Membership is currently at approximately 50 memberships.

6. The planning committee announced that they are starting a preservation committee.

7. Greg Nagel has volunteered to be the liaison for the 1st Ward and to the 32nd Ward.

8. Currently there is no liaison volunteer for the 27th Ward (east part of East Village).

9. Volunteers are needed for the annual BBQ in August. We need help gathering raffle prizes and passing out fliers.

10. If you would like to get more information regarding the distribution of the recycling bins, contact the department of
the environment.

11. Any questions regarding the zoning issue for Leona’s, talk to Scott Rappe.

12. How to attract new members was also discussed, what are the benefits.

13. The fa├žade of the new Dominick’s was questioned as being sub-par to what was presented.

14. Meeting adjourned.

East Village Association Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
6:30 PM June 11, 2007, Happy Village Tavern

1. Administrative duties were discussed.

2. Julie, Treasurer, is in charge of the U.S. Mail Box.

3. John, Secretary, is in charge of the sign-in sheet.

4. Julie is in charge of updating membership list.

5. Brian, vice-president is in charge of following up with people who came to the meetings and were not members,and with older members who are not members anymore.

6. Website - who updates and what is updated was opened and will require future discussion. It was suggested to
avoid advertisements so to” keep it clean”.

Secretary had to leave early.
Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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