Mass Transit Crisis

by M. Isaacson

If you are a public transport user, I know you’ve noticed the deterioration of service – a sorry situation indeed. The Center for Neighborhood Technology* is launching a campaign to address the mass transit funding crisis in Northeastern Illinois. If you’re not a public transport user, you should still be interested in this issue – every person who uses public transportation makes the roads less congested and the air cleaner for everyone else.

Reprinted from the CNT Update:
CNT Launches Campaign to Improve Mass Transit
If you’re frustrated with service on the CTA, Metra, or Pace, it’s time to take action! CNT is proud to announce the Transit Future Campaign. Recent funding by our state government has left our transit system with severely limited operating budgets and without the means to make crucial improvements to the system. To bring about real change in mass transit funding, CNT is launching a campaign of grassroots advocacy aimed at the Illinois General Assembly and the governor.

If you are interested in supporting mass transit and the essential contribution that transit makes to Northeastern Illinois and to our residents’ quality of life, please sign up for Transit Future’s weekly e-mail news bulletin. The Transit Future Campaign will keep you informed about the issues, give you talking points and tips for contacting your legislators, and share the ideas and thoughts of other citizens. Our campaign is just getting started, and we need your help. Sign up today! To subscribe, send a blank e-mail message to

* Full disclosure: M. Isaacson gets her paycheck from CNT, a 30-year old nonprofit organization located in Wicker Park. CNT promotes the development of more livable and sustainable communities. See
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