April 3 Membership Meeting

East Village Association Board Meeting Minutes
6 PM April 3, 2007, Happy Village Tavern
No business conducted. Quorum not met.

East Village Association General Membership Meeting Minutes
7 PM April 3, 2007, Happy Village Tavern
Members present: 24
Non-members present: 0
CAPS Meetings announced

Cook County Board of Review is open until April 19th to file a complaint regarding property assessments. You should have already received your tax assessment in the mail. A rule of thumb is that your assessment should be approximately 10% of purchase price. There are always individual exceptions. Please compare your individual assessment to like properties near yours as a guideline.

April 1st begins Street Cleaning. Please check the signs.

Post office customer advisory council. If you are interested in participating there are forms available at the 1st Ward’s office. Contact Chris.

Old Business
Guinness Oyster Fest will not be coming back this summer. They ran into conflicts and will be having the fest in Roscoe Village this year.

New Business
St. Boniface may be purchased. Contact the Archdioses to voice your opinion.

The slate of candidates was approved.
The officers for the 2007-8 year are as follows:
President Mary Szpur
Vice President Brian Thompson
Treasurer Julie Rudloff
Secretary John Sekowski
Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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