The Happy Hour Shop

We’re Jess and John Feller, owners of The Happy Hour Shop at 1919 W. Chicago Ave. Our beloved storefront is an extension of our locally-operated business Aged & Infused , an alcohol infusion kit company we've been growing here on the West Side since 2016. If you couldn’t tell, we’re in love with all-things happy hour. It’s our passion. And in addition to selling a beautifully curated selection of glassware, barware, and cocktail supplies in the shop, we're interested in hosting private educational cocktail classes for the community. To do this, we’re seeking the neighborhood’s support in lifting the liquor moratorium on the 1900 block of Chicago Avenue. We are so excited to put our roots down in West Town and are grateful for your consideration and support. Business Plan: The Happy Hour Shop, an extension of West Town-based Aged & Infused, is a retail storefront specializing in new and vintage glassware, barware, cocktail supplies and all-things home bar. In addit

Passages Wine and Books

Passages Wine and Books is pursuing an incidental liquor license and is requesting a letter of support from the East Village Association to lift the current moratorium for Consumption on Premises liquor licenses. Our Company: Passages Wine and Books is an LLC formed in March 2023, under sole ownership of Amanda Sadowski. The main concept of Passages Wine and Books is bringing people a space that allows for exploration of their hobby or passion. Passages is a bookstore that includes a cafe component for wine, non alcoholic drinks, pour over coffee, and a collection of tea. Passages believes that reading, learning about wine, or having a cup of tea can broaden one’s mind, expand knowledge, or provide a moment of relaxation. These activities can be done independently, but also can have a shared component. We will welcome those who choose Passages as a place to independently study, work, or take a moment for themselves to enjoy a cafe item. We also hope to be a host for literary or tas

What is EVA's Damen Avenue zoning vision?

Damen Avenue is under zoning review north of Chicago Aveneue. East Village Association membership meeting Jan. 10. 2024 at Roots West Town, 1924 W. Chicago Ave., Neal McKnight presiding Damen Avenue's strip-mall zoning does not reflect the apartments and small shops on East Village's western border. How can EVA support a new vision? EVA's January meeting continued a discussion of Damen Avenue zoning. Ald. Gilbert Villegas (36th) has encouraged a proactive zoning review for the former 2nd Ward stretch. A 2019 plan fizzled for a tavern at at 820 N. Damen Ave. surrounded by apartments. Renovation of the former Grace Auto Body stopped at least six months ago. EVA board member Neal McKnight suggested downzoning Damen from Chicago to Division while extending the current Ukrainian Village and East Village landmark districts. Both commercial and residential zoning for Damen had advocates in the January member disucssion. McKnight summarized November's zoning discussion

Villegas gives migrant aid, public safety update

Ald. Gilbert Villegas (36th) offers information on volunteer donations. East Village Association membership meeting Nov. 9, 2023 at J&M Tap, 957 N. Leavitt St., Kinberly Shannon presiding By Jennifer Goldsmith In a joint meeting with the Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Association, EVA members met with Ald. Gilbert Villegas (36th), discussed Augusta Boulevard bike lanes and rezoning options for Damen Avenue, and learned about a new local restaurant. Ald. Villegas Q&A Villegas joined directly from City Hall and was excited about the passing of a new paid time off ordinance, which he called the most progressive in the country. Discussion turned to housing Chicago's migrants. Chicago has received over 22,000 migrants since last year with little state and federal support. A new shelter is going in at 526 N. Western Ave. to house 55 families, including 55 women, 45 men and 100 children. Assessments are in progress to discover areas for volunteerism, donations and oth

Dec. 14 holiday party!

EVA is not meeting on Dec. 4. Mark your calendar for our joint holiday party on Dec. 14 with the Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Association, starting at 6:30pm at J&M Tap. Please join us for food, friends and fun!

Tree care, food composting programs branch out

East Village Association membership meeting Sept. 11, 2023 at Roots Pizza, 1924 W. Chicago Ave. By Jenifer Goldsmith Neighborhood preservation and beautification were on the agenda in September when EVA welcomed representatives from TreeKeepers and Block Bins. Urban forestry tips from TreeKeepers TreeKeepers is a group of volunteers, including neighbor and presenter Micol Werner Seferin, trained to care for Chicago’s public trees. Our “urban forest” includes all trees in the public way, such as those along sidewalks and in parkways and parks. These trees are property of the City of Chicago and residents are not allowed to prune them, but Seferin suggested many activities we can do to keep our trees healthy and beautiful: Water: trees need approximately 15-20 gallons of water weekly (if it has not rained). We can tell it’s time when the soil around the tree is dry. Make sure to pour water slowly at the base of the tree. Signs: Remove signage for street sweeping, plowi
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