Update: Break-ins hit East Village

More home burglaries were reported in community alerts from Chicago Police central area detectives on May 17 and over the Memorial Day weekend on May 27:

• 2000 Block of W. Thomas St., 9:15 pm. May 19.
• 1000 Block of N. Winchester Ave 2 am May 16.
• 800 Block of N. Ashland Ave., 9 am May 15.
• 1000 Block of N. Wolcott Ave., 3:30 pm May 12.
• 1000 Block of N. Paulina St., 8:30 am May 9.

Break-ins at various hours were reported in an area from Grand Avenue to Thomas Street and from Paulina Street to Oakley Boulevard in an April 28 community alert from the detective bureau.

There have been 159 burglaries this year through May 20 in the 13th District, according to the police website, compared with 193 last year. Burglaries in previous weeks had outpaced the same period a year ago.

The alerts advise residents to report suspicious activity, keep the outside of buildings well lit and repair broken windows, doors and locks. Burglary victims are advised not to chase burglars or touch anything at the scene, and to get contact information from witnesses.

Computer recycling, shredding at United Center

Electronics recycling has been added to a document-shredding event June 23, from 9 am till 2 pm at United Center.

TV sets, computers, monitors, printers, faxes, cell phones, VCRs and game consoles are among gadgets accepted in Parking Lot E in Wood Street, along with up to 10 boxes of papers, according to chicagoshreds.com

EVA liquor license resolution

A resolution reconfirming liquor moratoria in East Village
 will be considered at the June 4 membership meeting at 7 am in the Happy Village, 1059 N. Wolcott. Here is the draft resolution, incorporating comments from a May 7 membership discussion:

Whereas, the East Village Association is an all-volunteer organization of residents that has served its community for thirty years and has both contributed to and witnessed enormous positive change in the neighborhood, and;

Whereas, EVA supports the development of new legislative tools or license classes that rectify the existing licensing protocol gaps which negatively impact residents living within the community where liquor is sold, and address the needs of businesses that might positively serve the community, and;

Whereas, alcohol sales have been a source of problems such as crime, vagrancy and litter for the community in the past and remain a threat today, and;

Whereas, under the current licensing system, once a liquor license is established, addressing these problems places an undue burden on the community, and;

Whereas, liquor licenses should be never be issued simply for the purpose of generating additional business revenue nor to support a failing business, and;

Whereas, the establishment of liquor moratoria were requested by the East Village Association to avoid additional liquor-related problems, and;

Whereas, the East Village Association recognizes that liquor moratoria cannot discriminate between good and bad businesses and prohibits both, and;

Whereas, lifting of a liquor moratoria, even for a trustworthy and desirable business, typically allows business on both sides of the street for two blocks to apply for liquor licenses for a period of eighteen months, and;

Whereas, upon intensive and thorough discussion of the issue throughout the community and within the forum of the East Village Association, there remains a high level of concern over alcohol sales and a consensus that the liquor moratoria continue to serve the purpose for which they were established;

Therefore be it resolved that the East Village Association supports maintenance of the existing liquor moratoria within its boundaries for a period of three years from the date this resolution passes, during which it will not consider any requests to lift moratoria.

EVA at 30: Celebration plans

Minutes for May 7, 2012 board meeting
By Kok Keng (KK) Goh

Guest Speaker for June
Two business presentations for June 4 meeting: Comrade Cycles (Scott Rappe to follow up?) and Wicker Park Athletic Club (Gladys Anselmo to follow up). No other scheduled speakers.

Chicago's liquor code

A show of hands at Monday's East Village Association favored continued support for keeping liquor moratoria in place. A formal vote is anticipated in June.

To make for a more informed discussion Scott Rappe handed out this summary of the legal underpinnings of liquor control in Chicago.

Liquor License Restrictions and Special Regulations

Dry Wards: The Illinois Liquor Control Act of 1934 permits voters in any precinct in the City of Chicago to vote an entire precinct "dry" through a local option referendum. If a precinct has been voted "dry," no liquor licenses can be issued. Please check with the case manager to determine if your proposed location is "dry."

Liquor Moratorium Districts: The Chicago City Council has passed a series of ordinances restricting the issuance of liquor licenses in various locations throughout the city. These restrictions may apply to licenses for consumption on premises, taverns, private social clubs, and stores selling package goods. Restaurant services are generally not subject to these restrictions. The moratorium ordinances also significantly restrict the transfer of existing liquor establishments to new owners.

A to Z: East Village packaged goods moratoria


(1.17) On Ashland Avenue, from Chicago Avenue to Augusta Boulevard.

(1.18) On Ashland Avenue, from Augusta Boulevard to Division Street.


(27.418) On Augusta Boulevard, from Milwaukee Avenue to Ashland Avenue.

(1.34) On Augusta Boulevard, from Ashland Avenue to Wood Street.

(1.35) On Augusta Boulevard, from Wood Street to Damen Avenue.

3 businesses tap EVA on alcohol

The third business in a month has signaled its interest in selling alcohol in the area near the Polish Triangle where liquor licenses now are restricted to restaurants and existing licensees.

QTA Services intends to apply for a license at 1054 N. Ashland Ave. if the city lifts a longstanding moratorium along Ashland Avenue from Augusta Boulevard to Division Street. QTA has not given details of its plans for the vacant storefront, including whether it would seek a tavern or packaged-goods license.

East Village Association members will consider its next steps during Monday's 7 pm meeting at Happy Village, 1059 N. Wolcott St.

Ald. Proco Joe Moreno this spring has referred three businesses to EVA for liquor moratorium review. Last year without notice the 1st Ward alderman sponsored CVS Pharmacy for its liquor license at 1200 N. Ashland Ave. by asking the City Council to end an Ashland Avenue moratorium between Division and Blackhawk streets.

Garden Gourmet Market, a convenience store at 1130 N. Ashland Ave., asked EVA last month to recommend lifting the Augusta-Division moratorium that includes the QTA property. Thorntons Inc. sought EVA's ascent to new licenses along Division Street.

In the neighboring 32nd Ward, the city Thursday rejected a license for Red Apple Convenience, 2000 W. Chicago Ave., due to law-enforcement concerns.