Taller order for Pizza Hut site

The Polish Triangle overlooks the Noble Square Cooperative high-rise at 1165 N. Milwaukee Ave. 

Developers are raising their sights for the former Pizza Hut corner lot at 1601-15 W. Division. Current plans involve an apartment building rising stories higher than the CVS Pharmacy across the street, at the Polish Triangle intersection with Ashland and Milwuakee.

Developer Robert Buono reviews plans with the East Village Association board at 6:30 pm Dec. 19 at Leona’s Restauraunt, 1936 W. Augusta.

New condos at 1530 W. Haddon are in the shadow of Lewis Towers and Noble Square Co-op. 

In October, Buono filed plans with the city for an 80-foot-high planned development. The design called for rental apartments above a bank at 1148 W. Ashland, with a drive-through lane exiting to Ashland and additional storefronts along Division.

The building was to be roughly even in height with the former MB Bank building at 1200 N. Ashland. Two taller structures approach the triangle, Lewis Towers at 1170 N. Milwaukee Ave. and Noble Square Cooperative at 1165 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Since the Pizza Hut was closed in 2007 several proposals have envisioned a single-story drugstore or bank in its place. EVA has been seeking a higher-density mixed-use building as a gateway to the neighborhood and a complement to the Blue Line transit hub.


  1. Is this positive news? How does a semi-high rise apartment building benefit the area? More traffic, more cars looking to park in the exhausted 204 zone, more housing/lower property values...

    Is this building consistent with the East Village terrain? Considering it's going to be twice the size of any other building, I'd say no.

  2. I agree. I love our neighborhood because there aren't mid- and high-rise apartment buildings dominating it. If I wanted that, I'd live in Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, or any other neighborhood near Lake Michigan. We do not need to negatively impact the local traffic patterns by adding this type of structure.

  3. I love our neighborhood because it is vibrant and livable. An area where it is not vibrant and livable is the corner of Ashland and Division, now and before when a Pizza Hut was there. As proposed, this development anchors the street and encloses the environment by being the same height as buildings all around the Polish Triangle. It brings storefronts up to the sidewalk and it brings residents into the neighborhood, who provide businesses with customers and security on the street with a 24-hour presence. A development like this is excellent news and we should support it.

    Almost without fail, what ensures that a neighborhood becomes *less* livable is if car-dependence is important or if parking and traffic concerns drive development. Places that are good for cars are almost universally bad environments for people. It is extremely easy to park in Albuquerque; it is extremely difficult to walk around there.


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