East Village Association Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

6:30 PM December 10th, 2007, Happy Village Tavern

Submitted by John Sekowski


1. Planning – the following was discussed

a. 1624 West Division

b. 1916 West Chicago - The developer, Ranquist, is still investigating to develop the property.

c. 1011 North Damen – existing industrial property will likely be demolished and developed with new condominiums.

d. Division & Ashland – former Pizza Hut site – The developer has presented a modified plan to the alderman including rooftop parking. The committee also expressed the need for EVA, the first ward alderman, and the department of development and planning to meet all at the same time to discuss the extending the pedestrian oriented district to Ashland Avenue. More press coverage was also discussed as a tool for exposure (and pressure).

e. Division & Ashland – west of the MB bank – plans are in the works to develop a condominium building with first floor parking, and small strip mall-like retail extending close to the Milwaukee Avenue side. Also, the first floor of the existing MB bank is proposed to be occupied by the pharmacy chain CVS.

An issue currently in the 43rd ward was discussed concerning the issue of residential building connectors was shared with the Board. Enclosed walkways between the main structure and the garage structure along the alley side have caused controversy /concern that they are built on land that are required to be green space.

2. Scott Rappe to present an artist piece at the next meeting.

3. Damen and Augusta Foods owner wishes to pursue a packaged liquor license.

Meeting adjourned.


  1. The plans for the Vision development at 1624 W. Division include over 100 parking spaces for 33 units. Given the proximity to the Blue Line, the lack of transit-oriented development is criminal. A "strip mall" is wholly inappropriate for the area, and the garage entrance opening onto division ends the pedestrian-friendly retail district, as does the Wendy's across the street. This development is an improvement only upon the existing parking lot. Any other design would be a vast improvement over the plans presented by RDM.

  2. David,

    In your post, you referred to "the plans presented by RDM" and therein lies the rub-to my knowledge no plans were ever presented. The project was done as-of-right, with no community review or input.

    As you are probably aware, EVA has been advocating a compact, multi-story, mixed-use transit oriented development for the Pizza Hut site for more than a year now. Here the situation is different, as Walgreen's proposed use of the site requires some concessions from the City, and hence review by the community.

    RDM's project meets some of the expectation of a TOD, but is a significant disappointment in the area of parking and worse yet-curb cuts across the sidewalk.

    We have also been working very hard to get the zoning 'pedestrian street' designation extended from Marshfield, where it currently ends, all the way to Ashland.

    Had this been in place prior to RDM's development, they would not have been able to maintain the existing curb cuts. But now the real threat is Wendy's.

    I encourage you to write a letter to Alderman Flores supporting EVA's position regarding extension of the pedestrian street designation.


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