EVA vote: Pure Dairy-Leona's condos

Architect Ramiel Kenoun and lawyer Nick Ftikas show plans for the Pure Dairy site.

East Village Association minutes for Aug. 1, 2016, by Daniel Navarro
Call to order 7:05pm at Happy Village, 1059 N. Wolcott Ave.

Augusta Dairy developers
EVA Planning, Preservation and Development chair introduced Nick Ftikas from the Samuel V.P. Banks law office, Ramiel Kenoun of Space Architects and Todd Mullen of MCZ Development to describe plans for the former Pure Farm Products dairy and Leona's restaurant building at 1936-44 W. Augusta Blvd.

Foote: EVA has been working with the development team for a couple of months, have had comments and revisions to incorporate the community desire for the initial building with the developers needs.

Ftikas: 10,000 sq ft site all residential. Important to maintain the initial façade. Have set that up to retain the front portion of that building and building the back.

Kenoun: Playing off the site's building within a building. Will put a set back from front façade with building a symmetrical back building. 5 story, 16 units with 1:1 parking. 4 units per floor roughly 1,400 sq. ft. per unit with roof deck. Will restore front façade with white glazing to mimic what is current there, will create a couple of new openings and restoring 4 peaks (parapets) that were there prior to Leona's. Site plans show the different units. The last page contains rendering of new image.

Members review Pure Dairy condo plans

A developer pleges to save the milk-white Art Deco storefront of the old Pure Dairy building. But that doesn't mean a new building will be built on top.

East Village Association members on Monday will see MCZ Development's plan for 1938 W. Augusta Blvd., most recently a Leona's restaurant. Renderings presented to EVA show the facade fencing in a 14-foot private yard and trellis, with a 5-story building behind it. EVA's planning committee worked with Space Architects + Planners on a concept that restores the facade and extends it to connect with the new building.

MCZ will ask EVA members to consent to a smaller backyard without a loading area, which would require city approval. Otherwise, the 16 condos would be built within current zoning limits, with 16 parking spaces and 8 bicycle spots. The 3-bedroom units would be 1,535 square feet in size.

Chicago Academy of Music joins St. Boniface plans

Builder Michael Skoulsky talks to EVA members at Happy Village.

East Village Association board minutes for July 11, 2016, by Daniel Navarro

President’s Welcome

St. Boniface Update

  • Plans on last stage to completion
  • Chicago Academy of Music will be the nonprofit provider
  • Joint operation with condos and music hall
  • Meeting tomorrow with school and city will put plans moving forward
  • 8 studio apartments in a building next to the lot with a conservatory
  • 15 condos in the church
  • 20 units in a new structure
  • Still trying to figure out parking situation
  • Auditorium will have about 300 seats

Planning, Preservation & Development Updates

  • Parlor Pizza working with Ald. Moreno to get required tree pits
  • Augusta Dairy: New drawings and proposal by board meeting next week. Have been going back and forth with updated proposals and feedback. They want to be able to present to general meeting in August; 16 condo units
  • Deitch Pharmacy has approached to change storefront zoning to residential. PP&D recommends not supporting converting business to residential. Moreno's position unclear
  • Various groups, one organizing a new neighborhood association just west of us (Chicago-Damen-Augusta-Western), have invited us to discuss how we deal with property developments, as we are area's most formal in response
  • Partnering with Eckhart Park Community Council (driven by alderman). Provide guidance and tutoring for the group. "Do not approve anything, just chose not to oppose"
  • Bathhouse: Alderman wants to take a different approach instead of up-zone then down-zone, wants to discuss legislation
  • Happy Village is up for sale; the liquor moratorium would have to be lifted. New owners are old owners of Lucky Sandwiches with a plan of operation to be put in place. Owner will present at next board meeting
  • Liquor moratorium lift on Chicago between Wood and Ashland is on docket for City Council this month

Summer Block Party Info

  • Aug. 20 on Winchester north of Chicago
  • Michael VanDam to head event
  • Bouncy house
  • Look to invite politicians

New Business

  • Hopkins meeting with police commander to discuss uptick on crime. There is a petition on the EVA Facebook page for 12th District staffing. Moreno also met with police commander
  • Polish Triangle securing electricity for food vendors

St. Boniface music school plans

By Robert Zwolinski

Neighbors on Chestnut Street received a letter for pre-demolition of St. Boniface Church. However, the court last week extended a hold on demolition for one month. The current owner has not agreed to the demolition. The current owner is not aware of the letter and is in talks with the Chicago Academy of Music to sell the church.

If anyone see's construction trucks outside the church please notify all members of Neighbors of St. Bonface, the academy, Michael Skoulsky or myself so we can contact the owner and the police.

The East Village Association has been facilitating discussions on adaptive reuse of the church at 1358 W. Chestnut St. Builder Skoulsky gave an early proposal at EVA's June 6 meeting.

The music school's plans include 15 large condo units within the church and 19 to 22 condos in a new four-story structure on Chestnut Street, according to the Saint Boniface Info website.

A four-story building on the Noble Street side would include two small commercial units and music classrooms on the first floor, 8 studio apartments for academy use on the second floor and a small auditorium on the third and fourth floors.