Augusta dairy, St. Boniface next steps

Developer plans 12 condo units at 1936-44 W. Augusta Blvd., razing building built in 1881.

Update: The City Council on April 13 denied a demolition permit for the historic property at 1936-44 W. Augusta Blvd. "My office has been in conversation with the current owners," Ald. Brian Hopkins told aldermen. "They have been negotiating in good faith. They believe there's a way to save the structure. We need more time to continue those negotiations."

East Village Association board minutes for April 11, 2016, by Daniel Navarro Welcome
  • Peter Gariepy and KK Goh in touch to transfer treasury responsibility
  • Membership list may pass to secretary
Commercial Park Earth Day Event
  • April 23 cleanup, no kids' activities, looking for assistance
  • Looking to have a block party on Rice, maybe work together
  • Flier on Facebook pages
  • Getting money from various locations, looking for volunteers
  • Ald. Proco Moreno also posted a clean and green for April 16
Augusta Dairy Update
  • Group should write a letter on both this and St. Boniface
  • Last Thursday the owners of 1936-44 W. Augusta Blvd. property threatened to sue the city for spot zoning
  • Developer met with Ald. Brian Hopkins and committed to saving first floor façade but won't save inside building. Developer offered to reconstruct any façade damage. New architect Space will submit design proposal to EVA and alderman
  • Initial plan is no retail on first floor and 12 condo units, razing building built in 1881 but saving 1920s façade

Ald. Hopkins: 'We have a chance to save this building'

"It's pretty rare to be in a community meeting where it's just a unanimous consensus," said Ald, Brian Hopkins. "Let's just pause and savor that moment."

East Village Association minutes for April 4, 2016, by Daniel Navarro
  • President's Welcome
  • Business Minute: Sean Murty and Lisa Muscato from Paperish Mess
    • Opened 3 years ago
    • improvements in Chicago developments has helped their business
    • 100 or so different artists, local/emerging artists, gallery openings once a month (to restart)
    • Custom framing
    • Woodshop in basement for custom furniture (commercial projects)
      • i.e., Steel petal press
    • Goal is to as makers give other makers space to showcase work
    • Operates as a consignment shop for other artists

Will Wicker Park Connection tower deliver on transit?

Wicker Park Connection will add commuter apartments and condos at 1650-54 W. Division.

East Village Association board minutes for March 14, 2016, by Daniel Navarro

Board transition

Peter Gariepy and KK Goh will work on a transition for the treasury. EVA has just over 100 active, paying members.

Business Minute

Local artists are invited to give presentations at general meetings. Dollop Bake Shop, 1000 N. Damen Ave., will be scheduled for a future meeting.

Planning, Preservation and Development

A March 16 meeting with Ald. Proco Joe Moreno will discuss two buildings. EVA wants to explore saving the façade at 1108-10 N Ashland Ave. The former Rothschild Liquor store at 1542 W. Chicago Ave. will have eight units above rehabbed retail space.

Leona's past as Ukrainian dairy shapes future as condos

The former Leona's restaurant facade was built around a Victorian two-flat.

East Village Association minutes for March 7, 2016, by Daniel Navarro

Leona's demolition

Ald. Brian Hopkins signals that the City Council as early as March 16 could allow the former Leona's restaurant building at 1936 W. Augusta Blvd. to be razed. The site operated as the Ukrainian-owned Pure Farm Products dairy at the turn of the 20th century. The white glazed-brick facade was built in phases around a Victorian two-flat.

Volunteers are looking for photos from the 1920s, a decade represented in the East Village landmark district.

Should the building be razed, Hopkins will ask that developers review plans with EVA. The city requires the design to be keeping with the district. MCZ Development plans a larger condo building on the site and has said it will consider retaining the façade.