Hearing could uncork liquor on Ashland

A 1st Ward community meeting Oct. 17 will discuss lifting the Ashland Avenue liquor moratorium between Augusta Boulevard and Division Street. Ald. Proco Joe Moreno indicated without elaboration that he believes the community's interests can be protected.

An online petition seeks to retain the freeze on new package-goods licenses. At its June 4 meeting East Village Association members unanimously confirmed their support of the moratoria.

Garden Gourmet Market at 1130 N. Ashland Ave. had sought the vote. EVA also fielded inquiries for licenses at 1555 W. Division St. and 1054 N. Ashland Ave. The Division Street venture was later abandoned, and the space is now leased by the Villa shoe-store chain.

Moreno will hold the hearing at 6 pm in The Bedford supper club, 1612 W. Division St.


  1. The problem with the petition is that you have to donate to submit your signature. That I believe that will keep the #'s down. I for keeping the ban in place but I won't pay a 'mandatory donation' to do it.

  2. This statement is incorrect. The petition site states that your signature has been recorded. When you see a donation button, don't click it.


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