Scenes from the Polish Triangle Marketplace

East Village News: Polish Triangle market starts today

Polish Triangle MarketplaceThe East Village Association newsletter now comes in a free e-mail format. Read it online and join the e-mail list.

The weekly Polish Triangle Marketplace is featured: The summer farmers' market will be found at the Milwaukee, Ashland and Division intersection from 2 till 8 p.m. Thursdays though September.

The next East Village Association meeting is 7 p.m. July 11 in the Happy Village, 1059 N. Wolcott. Streets & Sanitation Supt. Manuel Gonzalez is the scheduled guest speaker.

Mark your calendar for Aug. 1 and the annual EVA summer picnic. This year it will be in family-friendly Commercial Park, 1845 W. Rice St.

Enjoy your Fourth of July. Easy on the fireworks, please.

Kid Fest to support parks and schools

The 6th annual Kids Fest section of West Fest July 9 & 10 will include an stage mini-golf, bounce house, pony rides, face painters, games and crafts on Wolcott Avenue between Chicago and Rice. Proceeds will benefit improvements at Snowberry, Superior and Honore playlots or nearby schools, according to the Commercial Park Advisory Council. To volunteer call (773) 960-7212 or email

If you are the 'parent' of a dog or a cat

Experts discuss etiquette for raising pets on the streets of Wicker Park at the Wicker Park Committee membership meeting Wednesday, July 6, at 7 p.m. at the Wicker Park fieldhouse, 1425 N. Damen Ave. Topics include: pet ordinances, dog park resources, animal shelter policies and pet services.

Polish Triangle hosts Thursday market

A weekly Polish Triangle Marketplace starts June 30. The summer farmers' market will be found at the Milwaukee, Ashland and Division intersection from 2 till 8 p.m. Thursdays though September.

The Wicker Park Bucktown special-service tax district organized the event with the local Chamber of Commerce, which sought businesses to sell both groceries and ready-to-eat food. Vendors include:
  • Blue Sky Bakery and Cafe
  • Delightful Pastries
  • The Scrumptious Pantry
  • KAP Farms
  • Niemczyk P&P Juice Bar
  • Flip Crepes
  • Spencer’s Jolly Posh British & Irish Foods
  • Cook Au Vin
For more information, the chamber links to an article on the RedEye website.

EVA summer picnic in park

Board meeting minutes for June 13, 2011
Submitted by Dana Palmer

Board Members: Greg Nagel, Neal McKnight, KK Goh, Dana Palmer, Tom Tomek, Stephen Rynkiewicz and Scott Rappe
Non-board Members: Rich Anselmo
Commenced: 6:38 p.m.
East Village picnic

The new EVA logo is now being used. Tom Tomek will start researching how much new East Village neighborhood signs will cost and get a better idea of how many signs would be needed. Greg Nagel will inquire with the alderman's office about how to get the signs hung through out the neighborhood. To help fund these new signs, EVA will host a raffle at the Aug. 1 picnic.

Neal McKnight will ask if Commercial Park can be used for this year's picnic so that it is more child friendly. Tom Tomek will work on designing flyers and signs to be posted to inform the neighborhood about the picnic and the raffle taking place. Greg Nagel will work on obtaining prizes for the raffle. Neal McKnight will request donations of pizza from Roots and ice cream from Black Dog. Neal McKnight will also find out if a movie could be played on the outdoor screen for the event.

New developments

According to Greg Nagel, Miller Lumber has two interested parties in its property. Both of these parties have been said to want all 5 parcels of the property for development of a higher-end restaurant.

There was a rumor that Aldi may be going in to the old post office site on Division and Marshfield but it is not true.

Ald. Proco Joe Moreno informed Greg Nagel and members of EVA that a new development will be going into the old Pizza Hut site. According to Scott Rappe, the first floor with be retail with a bank in the rear but no drive through. A CTA kiosk, Zip car spot, electric plug in, artwork and a community room on the roof are other features of this new development. Scott Rappe and Neal McKnight will request paperwork about the design of the building to get a better idea of what the building will look like.

Scott Rappe reported that the new plans for St. Boniface church will be keeping about 98% of the current facade and the building will be used for senior low-income housing.

Farmers market

A farmers market will be taking place on the Polish Triangle starting June 29. It will include 10 vendors and will be in the early evening hours. Stephen Rynkiewicz will help promote this event through the EVA website and sending out an email blast to our members.


The board discussed better options for distributing the monthly newsletter to members. It has been decided to open an Constant Contact account for smoother distribution of email blasts and newsletter links.

Dog poo bag dispensers

Dispensers originally picked out are a bit too expensive and would not allow for an adequate amount to be purchased. Dana Palmer will research more options.

Adjourned: 7:56 p.m.

Roots makes concessions on pickup window, valet, patio

Extended negotiations with the operators of Roots Handmade Pizza produced the following concessions to mitigate the impact on neighbors. The restaurant opened May 31 at 1924 W. Chicago Ave.

Police report: Car break-ins, gang hot spots

13th District Commander Frank Gross

Minutes for June 6, 2011 membership meeting submitted by KK Goh

President's Welcome

Business Minute: Real Naked Foods (no show)

Guest Speaker: Commander Frank Gross

    Commander Gross bio

  • 2 months on current position for 13th District

  • 25 years as Chicago police officer

    13th District: On crime in the neighborhood

  • Hot-spot criminal activity west of California Avenue (2200-2300 block), between Augusta and Division

  • Lesser criminal activity east of Ashland

  • Beat officers and bike patrols setup, but lacking in numbers. Neighborhood residents should do their part to assist

  • Call 311 for graffiti, or CAPS office

  • Adopting "Broken Window Theory" to go after petty crime and serve a signal to would-be offenders

  • Programs to keep kids occupied over the summer to avoid heat stress related crimes

    On liquor

  • 75% of calls are typical liquor and substance abuse related

    On providing additional security to address auto-related break-ins (Greg Nagel question)

  • Fairly typical issue. Break-ins are a crime of opportunity. Residents are advised to keep valuables out of cars

  • CHA has installed street-corner security cam systems. Funding to use more widely may have to be internal though


Walgreens director of government relations Donovan Pepper
Chicago Avenue Walgreens Liquor Moratorium
Presentation by Walgreens store manager Christine Hansen and director of government relations Donovan Pepper presented a case for small display (2 regular shelf sized section) of mid-to-higher end beers (min six pack) and wines. This was to address customer demands for convenience.

EVA VP Neal McKnight highlighted concerns that lifting moratorium would provide access for neighboring stores to sell liquor unchecked. This goes against EVA historical stance for promoting neighborhood safety and quality of life.

Walgreens promised responsibility for managing their own liquor license, but they have no control on neighboring stores.

Vote (Isaacson moved, McKnight seconded): 11 oppose lifting moratorium, 0 agreed with lifting moratorium.

EVA business

Handbill contest postponed to July meeting for better promotion and awareness among residents.

Dog Poop: Did not cover

EVA Logo: Thomas Tomek reported that logos are complete, looking for quotes and sources of funding.

August Tree Project: Neal McKnight reported ongoing survey and pricing/value to be completed by arborist by next month (July). Ronda Locke looking for volunteers to to adopt a parkway in the neighborhood, those interested to follow up with McKnight.

Treasurer Report: New PO Box located at "P.O Box 221405, Chicago IL 60622." Cash position currently approximately $5,000.

Secretary Report: Did not cover

Website/Newsletter: Stephen Rynkiewicz asked on the effectiveness of OhSoWe site for EVA news, members responded on difficulty of use (requires logging in).

Planning, preservation & development

Neal McKnight mentioned Alderman Joe Moreno's request that for residents to identify buildings that are of historical significance for preservation but not necessarily under Landmark status. This was in response to demotion of 814-820 N Wood buildings, one of which was due to oversight.

Brooklyn Bowl project on Chicago Avenue may be cancelled due to prohibitive costs for soundproofing the ceilings.

Roots Pizzeria alfresco dining is open, bakery still under renovation. Owners have been socially responsible in maintaining appropriate hours and business conditions. Slight issue with increased traffic. Owners also suggested holding EVA meetings at their restaurant.

CAPS Report
Thomas Tomek reported on recent arrest near Hermitage Avenue. Criminal was apparently responsible for several auto-related break-ins in the neighborhood, criminal activity should have since declined

LaSalle School (1148 North Honore St. @ Division St.)

New CPS budget approved for 2011-2012: All staff to be retained, new staff will be added to accommodate the consolidation of Andersen & LaSalle II and the pre-kindergarten program remains intact for 2011-2012.

New Tranquility Garden and Eco Mural at LaSalle II Magnet School are recent improvements to the campus.

End of School Fun Day is Thursday, June 9 at the Wolcott Avenue playground. Wolcott Avenue will be closed from 9am to 3pm for the Jesse White Tumblers.

McKnight reported that Chicago Performing Arts School will be moving in to Wells High and share facilities, approximately 150 students.

New Business: None

EVA News: Demolition, crime, liquor, schools

This month's East Village Association newsletter has details on Monday's 7 p.m. meeting at the Happy Village, at 1059 N. Wolcott:

Commander Frank Gross will report on his first three months in charge of the Wood Street police district and answer audience questions.
Walgreens store manager Christine Hansen will ask for a vote on allowing liquor sales along the 1600 block of West Chicago Avenue.
Real Naked Food will introduce its new grocery at 1909 W. Division St.
Win a prize! Bring handbill and flier litter from the neighborhood. Persons who collect the most will get a reward.

The newsletter also takes a look at building demolitions in the neighborhood and the mural set for dedication Friday at LaSalle II magnet school, 1148 N. Honore.

EVA members can download the newsletter now from the OhSoWe discussion board.