Snowberry proposed as dog park

The Snowberry playlot at 1851 W. Huron would be converted to a dog park in a proposal to be aired by the Commercial Park Advisory Council.

A meeting will discuss dog-friendly areas at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 16 at Commercial Club Playground fieldhouse, 1845 W. Rice St.


  1. Very supportive! We missed the meeting but think this would be a great neighborhood addition. With Commercial Park and the Talcott grounds this space seems to be used very little and there are so many dogs in the neighborhood with no space to run.

  2. I was walking down Chicago with my dog when I saw the sign regarding the meeting. I was unable to make it but as a new resident in the neighborhood and someone whose dog loves to run I definitely support this measure. Please keep us updated on the progress of this idea.


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